5th through 8th graders take part in safety patrol training camp

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Chances are you've seen dash-cam footage recently from across the country: students nearly being struck by vehicles while catching the school bus. With an estimated 26 million kids who take the bus every school day, this is just one of several scenarios which the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio hopes to address this week.

The 49th annual safety patrol training camp partners with AAA and local law enforcement to teach kids how to keep their fellow students safe.

"They are the captain and lieutenants of safety patrols across northwest Ohio, anywhere from 5th to 8th grade students," says Bob Momany, vice president of operations for the council.

One camper recalled they've been "taking tests and learning about what we need to do, and how the principal and the advisors kind of work together."

This 2-day camp isn't all work and no play, of course. Another prospective patrolman said we did an obstacle course, we were playing kickball, and a lot of other fun sports... even s'mores and a campfire last night!"

Momany says their numbers have dwindled over time -- likely for more schools switching to adult crossing guards -- but says having student patrols remains an important goal.

"These are the leaders of their school safety patrols that are out there, these are the ones their fellow students will look to for guidance. They come in here and get trained on what's expected of them."

With their final exam this morning, these 5th through 8th graders were already putting their knowledge to paper -- and can't wait to put it into practice for protecting their fellow classmates.

For the record: every single student passed the written exam, and one even managed a perfect score.