6,000 strawberries dipped in chocolate

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DUNDEE, Mich. (WTVG) -- The way to someone's heart may be dipped in chocolate.

At Russell Stover Candies in Dundee, MI, the week of Valentine's Day is a big one.

Last year, they sold more than 4,000 chocolate covered strawberries at this store, which is the only stand-alone Russell Stover in the state.

This year, managers upped the ante and ordered 6,000 strawberries.

The berries started arriving Monday and will continue to come in through Saturday.

Extra temporary workers are on 12 hour shifts to keep up with demand.

They're dipping, striping and sprinkling from sun up to sun down.

Because at $3.99 a strawberry, store managers may consider the Valentine's Day hot sellers worth their weight in gold.