Candy Crush legend is a 77-year-old Toledoan

Published: Apr. 5, 2018 at 11:09 AM EDT
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Sitting on top of the Candy Crush world is a former nursing professor, not a teenager. She's at level 2,520 and she just turned 77.

"They say that I ranked at number 2. But I really think I'm chasing a computer," Joyce Rhegness said.

And Joyce isn't done yet.

"Nooooo there's a lot more to go."

Joyce's family just found out they have a legend in their midst.

"They're amazed... unbelievable," Joyce said of friend's and family's reactions.

"I didn't really realize she was this good until recently," great-nephew Brian Richmond said.

The game's creators just sent Joyce Candy Crush swag for her birthday a few weeks ago, and the floodgates opened.

"They sent me Christmas decorations, gift bag, a pad, phone covers, of which none of the sizes fit my phone," Rhegness said.

She's got a routine: first her morning coffee, then crushing the competition.

"When she gets passionate about something, she really goes after it and strives to be the best," Richmond said. "No matter what it is."

Great-nephew Brian knows not to challenge the master. But even the champ gets stuck sometimes.

"Bomb exploded," Rhegness said as a turn ended.

"They're like bombs that bomb out certain colors. They've got the different helps."

"It's a very hard game. I remember not playing it, because I couldn't do it," Richmond said.

Joyce says she's only spent a total of 90 cents on the game, and that was to beat a timed level... see, her fingers aren't as nimble as they used to be.

"This is what keeps my brain going. It's good for old people to do," Rhegness said.

After her morning games, and a little bird watching, Rhegness says she only plays for five minutes at a time. Video games can be addicting, even for a grandmother.