8-year-old dies while looking for kittens

TIFFIN (WTVG) - Tiffin Police were called to a home in the 100-block of Gail Lane around 10:00 Monday morning on a report of an unresponsive juvenile.

According to a release, they tried to revive 8-year-old Morgan Stahl, but were unsuccessful. She was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead.

Detectives say they found seven pieces of drywall sheets had been leaning up against a garage wall where the girl was found. Police say at some point in the morning, the girl had gone into the garage to find kittens that were in there.

"She was an angel. The happiest kid you could ever imagine," said Jarrett Straub.

At this time, investigators believe her death was caused by the drywall sheets somehow falling on top of her and are calling it an accident.

"The sheets were being stored in the garage and they were standing on their side. The child was somehow against those and they fell over.
We did some research and we believe it was probably about 450 pounds of weight on her," said Tiffin police Detective Lt. Mark Marquis.

The case remains under investigation.

An autopsy will be performed to find out her exact cause of death.