911 audio reveals new details from Michigan I-75 rock throwing incident

FLINT (WJRT) - It's clear from the radio calls between the dispatcher and the officers on scene that they were not only working to get to Kenneth White's vehicle to render aid; but, there was also a team searching for people throwing the rocks.

Dispatcher: "Just before the Mt. Morris exit a caller states that something came through the windshield and hit her friend. He's now unconscious."

The call comes just after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night, a 6-pound, 5-by-8-inch rock has crashed through the windshield, hitting 32-year-old Kenneth White sititng in the front seat.

As his co workers try to stop the bleeding, first responders work to get to their location on I-75.

Dispatcher: "They're sitting on the side of the road in a white work van."
Officer: "Okay."

Moments later, a second call comes in, from another driver hit.

Officer: "I'm at the BP. I got one of the people here. They tore their oil pan off."

Jim Schulz tells ABC12 he was heading home from up north to Ann Arbor when a rock was thrown at his car.

"It was very quick. I saw one and it was a little to the left of me. And the other one I saw coming down in front of me; so, you know, there was no reaction time to really dodge it."

Schulz says, instead, he was forced to drive over the rock and drag it with him about 2 miles until he could exit at Mt. Morris Road.

He immediately called 9-1-1.

Schulz says it was dark, so he couldn't see anyone on the overpass, but he knew someone had to be up there.

"I believe I was the first one that they were throwing rocks at," he explained. "Because the van was behind me, the other cars were behind me."

At the same time, a team of officers has also been searching for suspects in a nearby neighborhood and then on several overpasses.

The officers on the highway suggest closing I-75 off from traffic.

Officer: "I'm still getting more debris off of Dodge Road. We need to shut down 75 southbound at Vienna Road."

And, we learn shortly after that White has passed away from his injuries. It's shocked this entire community, even the first responders that night.

Officer: "Wow all because kids are throwing stuff over the overpass."

ABC12 in Flint also requested the audio of the calls coming in from the drivers, but police say as of Wednesday night, they are part of the investigation and are not being released.