A first look at the future of Rossford schools

ROSSFORD, Oh (WTVG) - The Rossford school district is turning over a new leaf.

"For the first time, we're going to be unveiling some of the images of our classrooms, some common spaces and even some of the exterior," Dan Creps, superintendent of Rossford schools said.

A mixture of new construction and restoration are all parts of the plan to update the elementary school building and the junior high and high school. Thanks to the approval of a November levy and two renewals in May, the concepts could be a reality.

"[We] tried to make it as student-focused and student centric as we can," Dave Serra, principal, Collaborative TMP, said.

Right now, the transportation compound, located near 795 and Lime City road, has started. But it's still a work in progress. The goal is to have it finished by February of 2018. From there crews will start work on the elementary school.

Preliminary plans for building call for the renovation of the current Glenwood building and also adding on. That addition includes a new library and gym, plus some updated security measures and more flexible classrooms.

"We wanted to design spaces that we know, over time, that this is something that will last for generations," Creps said. "We need to be able to adapt to those different learning modalities."

There are also big plans for the historic Rossford High School, in the heart of downtown.

Collaborative TMP, the architect company heading up the project, is take a "restore and renovate" approach.

"Sure it's a challenge," Serra said. "Anytime you do an older renovation you're going to run into some unknown items. But, to preserve that building, the effect it has on the downtown community, we think is really important, so that's the exciting piece."

Major construction will start in the spring. The finish line is slated for the summer of 2020.

"We do know that's an aggressive time line, but both sites will start simultaneously and the build process will be occurring simultaneously with that outcome," Creps told 13abc.

As for the students, Creps says most will stay put and won't have to leave. However, at the end of this school year students at Rossford High School will move to Owens Community College until 2020.