A local man is recovering after a co-worker hit him, 3 others with a truck

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Paul Haase hasn't lost his sense of humor. Wearing a hat with a turkey on it to cover his head injury, he and his family remember his accident.

"All I know is that I went to get some paint to paint a new bed edge, and the next thing I know, I was in the hospital," he said from his wheelchair at Flower Hospital.

October 16th, he was at work, doing some landscaping off of River road for McClurg Environmental Lawn and Landscaping. He says he was standing with three other workers when the unthinkable happened.

A fifth co-worker, behind the wheel of a company truck, went off the road and hit them.

"When someone tells you, "hey, you go run over by your co-worker," it's a shock."

It would seem he sustained the most severe injuries. Haase fractured his leg and ribs, suffered some kidney damage and a separated pelvis, not to mention a gaping head wound and back injuries. He's been in the hospital ever since.

"Everyday, I go through a couple of rounds of physical therapy working on my legs and my strength, trying to walk," Haase said. "They show me how to get dressed, how to shower, how to eat. The stuff we take for granted."

Aside from the physical challenges, he also struggles emotionally being away from his family, especially his 2-year-old son.

"It's hard for my family," he said with tears in his eyes. "You go to work one day and don't come home."

There's also the financial strain of medical bills and being off work for the foreseeable future.

But through it all he's tried to stay positive. He says he's thankful to be alive and maintains the driver, Christopher Bigelow, wouldn't have done this on purpose.

"I thought we were fairly good friends and I still think that's the case," he said. "I don't think for a minute that this was intentional."

It could be anywhere from 6 to 8 months until Haase is back to normal. In the meantime, police still haven't release what cause Bigelow to drive off of the road.