About Face From State To Benefit Purebred Dog Breeders

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is now suspending the part of a law that would have required small and in home breeders of purebred dogs to get a pet store license in order to sell one puppy or dog. This requirement was a real problem for these breeders because they would have run into zoning issues and commercial building requirements that would have put them out of business. Michael Roehrs from the Toledo Kennel Club says the interpretation of the law made no sense. "To ask them to be a pet store and to go through all of the license issues and insurance of a commercial business and the zoning requirements of a personal business it was really just not common sense," says Roehrs.

The Ohio Legislature will now work with the language of the law to better refine it. The original goal of the law was to regulate puppy mills and breeders overwhelmingly agree that the hope is that will continue.