Active Shooter Training In Lenawee County

TOLEDO Lenawee County EMS workers spent the day Friday practicing their response to an active shooter scenario. EMS shut down the judicial center in Adrian so fire, police, sheriff and EMS workers could respond to an active shooter in the courts there. Any facility with courtrooms is considered a vulnerable target because it's filled with people in very emotional situations. From divorce to custody hearings, it is a very emotionally charged setting.

Workers inside had already received training in run, hide or fight. If you can't run and get away from the situation, then you're encouraged to hide until you can. But rescue workers say you need to be prepared to fight if you can't get away. Craig Tanis is with the EMA of Lenawee County and he says, "Throw something at him. If somebody is aiming a gun at you, throw something at them. They move...the barrel of that gun now points up in the ceiling and takes their aim off. Anything you can grab, a fire extinguisher a heavy object that you can hit on their arm."

The point is to have a plan. Should you ever find yourself in the tragic situation of an active shooter you can react quicker.