TPD and TFD team up for active shooter rescue training

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A day after 26 people were shot and killed in a Texas church. Toledo police and fire are working together to make sure they know how to respond to an active shooter and save lives. The department is training instructors so they can bring a Rescue Task Force to Toledo .

"It's tragic but it reinforces the idea that this is absolutely necessary."

Toledo police and fire are working together to stay ahead of the game.
Yesterday's massacre at a Texas church hit home. Instructors are training to create a rescue task force. An Instructor explained the goal of the task force.

"Police officers escort medics into the location. It could be while it's still under threat and we have other officers searching for the shooter and being able to get to victims in a more timely manner," said Toledo police Lt. Phil Cook.

Instructors ran through several exercises. When they entered a building they found several injured dummies with notes describing their injuries. The goal is to get the injured victims assessed, treated and to safety. The training is new for fire fighters. They admit it's added stress, but they know they can't save lives without TPD..

"That's why we are training with police so that they provide the cover for us to immediately go in and begin wound care. We find that the survivability of victims is heightened," said Toledo Fire Captain Greg Tillman.

Our safety forces say they never thought they would have to train like this.

"Its a good thing that we are doing this, but it's also is a really sorry to see we have to do this that our society is getting to a point that we have to train like this," said Captain Tillman.

TPD and TFD hope to have officers and firefighters trained by next year.