Adams Street leaders: Plans are in place to keep visitors safe

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - From block parties to 'zombie crawls,' Toledo's Adams Street is a popular place for people to gather. After tragic shootings like the one in Dayton leaders say they've, unfortunately, had to plan for the worst.

"When we have people coming out to this street we have to protect them and keep them safe," Village on Adams president John Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski says leaders took a hard look at safety last year after seeing an uptick in mass shootings.

"We actually had to have that unfortunate conversation—that 'what if' conversation that no one wants to have," Dombrowski said.

When it comes to big events Dombrowski says organizers work with police months in advance, mapping out safety concerns and planning where to stage officers.

"We basically work with them to get the best insight we can from them and do what we can to keep everything safe," Dombrowski said.

Even on a normal day officers say Adams Street is a spot they regularly keep their eyes on.

"If you have the officers that are already there they can respond quicker, gather information quicker and, hopefully, end the threat much quicker," patrolman Andrew Dlugosielski said.

Dlugosielski says many times officers make their presence known outside of bars, in patrol cars and even on bikes.

"It makes them very more visible," Dlugosielski said. "They can get places quicker, they can get through crowds quicker."

It's a move that's done all in the name of safety as leaders do their best to stop tragedies from happening in Toledo.

"We're going to keep on enjoying this street for what it is on a daily basis and keep going forward," Dombrowski said.