Adrian Public Schools prepare to start classes before Labor Day

Adrian, MICHIGAN (WTVG) - Adrian Public Schools are preparing to set a new trend. The district is making plans to start the 2020 school year before Labor Day.

The district recently received approval from the Michigan Board of Education to make the switch. Since 2006, it's been a law in Michigan that schools must start classes after Labor Day. The law was enacted after the tourism bureau made an argument that Michigan thrives on the final few weeks of summer break leading up and through Labor Day weekend.

Adrian Public Schools Superintendent Bob Behnke says the district has been exploring the idea of starting classes earlier for a few years. Three years ago they sent out a survey to parents asking if they would be on board with starting school 2 weeks earlier but the response was not overly supportive. Then this year, the district sent out another survey asking if parents would be on board with starting class one week before Labor Day. More than 70% of parents supported the idea.

The Superintendent says they appealed to the state saying that by starting ahead of the Labor Day Holiday students who are dual enrolled in both high school and local colleges will be on a similar schedule. Behnke says by starting a week earlier, students and teachers have more time in the classroom before standardized testing and the pre-Labor Day schedule helps fall athletes and band members as well. Typically students are already attending practices well before the official school year starts in September.

The state has signed off and now the Board of Education and the teacher's union need to sign off. If approved, Adrian Public Schools will head back to class on August 31, 2020.

Meanwhile, this could set a new trend for Lenawee County. The Superintendent tells 13abc that the Intermediate School District is considering applying for a wavier as well pushing all of its schools to an August start.