Algae, bacteria starting to develop in and around Lake Erie's western basin

OREGON, Ohio (WTVG) - In the midst of a summer sizzle people are seeking relief along the water at Maumee Bay State Park.

"I think it's perfect for the kids," Peter Range of Haskins said. "They could stay here all day—and they probably would—but they'd probably get a little sunburnt if they did."

While the water can be refreshing most beach-goers at the park also know the problems it can carry.

"We swam yesterday and after that experience we were done," Matt Deloria from Michigan said.

Deloria and his family have previously been at the park when an algae-filled Maumee Bay ruined their fun.

"We were all excited to come and swim at the beach and it was closed," Deloria laughed.

On Monday the water wasn't bright green yet, but NOAA scientists say the algae is starting to grow along the shore and six miles into the lake. Recent samples show toxin levels are non-detectable meaning there's no concerns for tap water safety.

Just a few steps from Lake Erie's shore signs caution swimmers about the water quality at the park's inland lake.

"Those [signs] are flipped down according to when the [bacteria] levels are higher," park manager Andy Thompson said.

The high bacteria levels have had the beach under an advisory for nearly a week now. Leaders say warm temps combined with runoff from rainy weather is fueling it.

While you can still enter the water Thompson recommends rinsing off when you're done.

"They can shower off right when they come out, they can do it when they get home to help keep themselves clean if they have any cuts or anything like that," Thompson said.

Even with less than ideal conditions people along the beach don't seem to mind as they say it's just a part of summer near Lake Erie.

"On a hot day like this you take what you can get," Deloria said.

You can check the conditions of Ohio state beaches anytime using the Beach Guard website, and we have a link to that in the sidebar of this story.