Alisa Haynes petitions for release following witness intimidation charges

Published: Jan. 15, 2019 at 3:32 PM EST
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Alisa Haynes is looking to be released from prison on bond. Haynes was arrested in January for intimidating a witness in the investigation of three Toledo pastors charged with sexually abusing children.

Haynes has proposed a number of conditions for her release including a $10,000 appearance bond and a property bond. Hayes would also be required to live with custodians designated by the court and would have to wear electronic monitoring.

Haynes was formally charged in federal court on January 7th, along with Alexis Fortune, for tampering with a witness, victim or an informant. The women are accused of going to the home of one of the female victims in the sex trafficking investigation.

Fortune is accused of choking that female victim with a computer cord, then trying to convince the victim not to testify at the Anthony Haynes trial. Alisa Haynes, Fortune and the female victim then reportedly got into a car and drove to a couple of area stores. At some point, the group drove to a house in Toledo. The female victim was choked again, according to investigators, and the victim briefly escaped. Fortune is accused of chasing her with a bat.

Alisa Haynes is then accused of telling this female victim she could recant her statements. The female victim was then given Fortune’s phone to call Alisa Haynes’ phone to leave a voicemail recanting her previous statements which the victim did.

Alisa Haynes is married to Anthony Haynes who is facing charges of sex trafficking a child. Anthony Haynes is the step-father of Fortune.