Allegations of Abuse At Promedica Bixby Autism Center Being Investigated

Parents are calling it the ultimate betrayal of trust. The Promedica Autism Center at Bixby Medical Center in Adrian is under fire for an alleged incident involving an aide slapping a child. Megan and Brandon VanEtten are simply devastated by the video they say was shared with them Wednesday night. "We trusted them to be his voice and keep him safe," says Megan.

Their eight year old son Alden has Autism and is non-verbal. He is a student at the Promedica Bixby Autism Center. Megan says security video clearly showed his aide assaulting their son during therapy. "She was asking him to point to pictures in a book. She raised her hand like to threaten to slap him and he cowered in the corner and he cowered in his chair and blocked his face."

Brandon VanEtten says "I've never belt such betrayal. We had him with people that we trusted." Jessie Reyes says when she complained about concerns she had when it came to her give year old daughters care at the center and requested the video from a specific day of concern, she was told the tape was gone. She has since filed a police report along with the VanEtten's. Adrian Police confirm that they are investigating the allegations of abuse and have seen the video.

Promedica has issued the following statement: "Through our proactive monitoring process, ProMedica became aware of an incident at the Bixby Autism Center. In accordance with our procedures, we immediately notified the appropriate parties to inform them about the matter. Since we are in the process of conducting a full investigation, we are unable to discuss specifics. However, we would like the community to know that we are committed to swiftly addressing any concern that is at odds with our high quality care standards."

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