American Red Cross facing blood shortage

The American Red Cross is now requiring a temperature check for everyone entering a donor center or mobile blood drive.

TOLEDO ,Ohio (WTVG) - The American Red Cross is facing a blood shortage and is urging anyone who is healthy, to donate. Due to COVID-19, blood drives across the country and being cancelled, cutting down on donations.

According to the American Red Cross more than 6,000 blood drives have been cancelled across the U.S. In Northwest Ohio, more than 100 drives have been cancelled cutting down the number of donations by nearly 1,500.

Despite the shortage, the need is still great.

"There's surgery, there are cancer patients who need that life-saving unit. Life still goes on for other individuals and we need to be able to supply that life-saving unit," says Christina Berning, a team supervisor for the American Red Cross.

The Toledo Blood Donation Center is open 7 days a week for those who would like to donate whole blood or platelets. There are some changes in place in an effort to keep donors and staff members safe amid COVID-19. Everyone that enters a donation site or mobile drive location will have their temperature taken. All locations are also practicing social distancing by spreading out beds and recovery areas. All donors are also asked to make an appointment. This is now a requirement, in an effort to make sure there is enough space for donors inside the building,

There are still some blood drives scheduled across Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio in the coming days. To find a blood drive in your community click here