American flag damaged, stolen from downtown Toledo business

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It's a sign of American freedom and it's been damaged not once but twice outside a downtown Toledo business.

Now the owners are trying to figure out why it’s happening, who's doing it and now they have a message for that person.

It's happening at Chevy's Place at the corner of Monroe and Erie in downtown Toledo.

You should see an American flag flying proudly outside of Chevy's Place. One was there during the opening and most of this week.

Someone is accused of stealing it one night in the last week. The night before that it was ripped off the pole along with the equipment attached to the wall. The person stealing the flag was caught on tape but so far has not been identified by police.

The owner of Chevy's is Paul Swanson. He has no idea why anyone would want to damage his flag. If he could talk to the person, he told 13abc that this would be his message.

"I hope you're getting a better use than I was. Take care of it. It means a lot to not only me to the citizens, to everyone,” said Swanson.

It's not clear if this is also the same person who damaged the flag the night before.

If you know who took the flag call Toledo Police.