Annual 'Day of Caring' event gives fresh mulch to a nursery playground

Published: Oct. 4, 2018 at 5:58 PM EDT
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Toledo Day Nursery is the oldest childhood program in Ohio serving economically disadvantaged families in the Toledo area.

Karen Mccoy is the president of Toledo Day Nursery. She told 13abc kids play on this playground more than once every single day.

"For some of our families this is the one time that children do get to be outside. The places that they live don't provide opportunities for outdoor play, so we make sure they're outside and recognizing everything that's surrounding them," said Mccoy.

The playground is required to have fresh mulch every year. That's where United Way and volunteers from the Huntington Center and the SeaGate Convention Centre come in.

"You can just see right firsthand the benefit the kids are going to have. They're going to be safer, and have a safe welcoming place to play. That's what we want for all our children," said Sara Smith, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator at United Way.

The nursery pays for the mulch, and the volunteers do the rest.

JT Thielman is the Director of Operations at the Huntington Center and the SeaGate Convention Centre. He's gotten his hands dirty with this project the past three years.

"It's very worthwhile taking care of the community kids and it's right down the street from the arena. So it's sort of in our neighborhood, so we like to give back to the neighborhood," said Thielman.

Adrianne Briner helps coordinate the event as the Executive Assistant of the Huntington Center and SeaGate Convention Centre. She hopes to continue this "Day of Caring" for years to come.

"What it does for the community and children that are using this playground and taking advantage of this...we love that we're able to make this for them and do this for them," said Briner.