Another hurdle to recovery from addiction

There is a change in Medicaid funding that may affect a persons ability to recover from heroin addiction. It only pays for two admissions for addiction treatment in one year. Additional attempts can happen only if pre-approved.

Those in treatment, and those in addiction services feel this may seriously affect an addicts success rate. "I'd say 9 out of 10 of our clients that we're working with has been in and out of treatment more than twice this year," says Joe Navarre, Lucas County Dart Officer. "Not one kind of treatment works for everybody, so it's going to be very challenging." says Navarre.

"Nationally, they say it's about an 88% relapse rate," says Norine Wasielewski who runs the Zeph Center for Drug and Alcohol recovery services. The new Medicaid rules cover intensive in and out patient treatment programs. "People need to do a lot of things beyond just removing themselves from heroin. It's about their family life, it's about the choices that they make. It's about people, places, things, it's about where they hang out. It's about who they associate with, it's about where they live," says Wasielewski.