Toledo driver plunges into city work hole on Hawley Street

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Originally, TPD confirmed a sinkhole at 419 North Hawley Street near Nebraska.

A dispatcher says one pick-up truck went into the hole. The driver is ok, but fire was called out because the truck started smoking.

A TPD officer now tells our reporter on scene this “sinkhole” was actually a purposely left open work hole. City crews had been doing utility work and had the area coned off.

According to the officer, the driver ignored “road closed” signs and drove through anyway. He then somehow didn’t see the orange barrels and fencing and crashed into the hole.

The officer says the driver is being cited for driving with a suspended license and driving down a closed road.

Crews are working to pull the SUV out and the driver is free to go.

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