Arctic cold comparison: Local man just back from Antarctica says it feels colder here at home

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Here's a way to put in to perspective just how cold it really is - the arctic air we've been experiencing actually feels colder than Antarctica.

Thursday night in Toledo it was 3 degrees, so it's actually starting to warm up a bit. Now, over in the South Pole it's 27 below zero. A local man just back from Antarctica says even though it may technically be colder there, it feels way colder here.

Joseph Carter was the only representative from the 180th Fighter Wing part of Operation Deep Freeze with the Air Force in Antarctica.

"People ask, 'Oh you must be prepared for this, this feels like home for you.' Well actually this is quite colder than what I experienced most of the time when I was down there," said Carter.

His deployment focused on assisting the National Science Foundation. His favorite part of the trip was the few hours he got to spend at the South Pole.

Carter was gone for two months. Mainly he was in the research center called McMurdo. He just got back a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, he told me the weather was comfortable. Sometimes he even took off his jacket.

"We were probably, typically warmer there and I know it definitely is warmer there now than we've had the last few days," said Carter.

To put things in perspective, right now it's summer in Antarctica. There's 24 hour sunlight and it's mainly dry. The combination helped make below freezing temperatures bearable.

"New Years Eve when I was there we were all outside in jeans and sweatshirts because it was bright sunny. It was like 36 degrees, low humidity," said Carter.

Carter says temperature is really just a number. The cold is relative.

"There were times it was in the 20s and you're in Antarctica and you would think being from here that's really cold, but it's so dry and the suns out all the time it felt warm. Contrast there to here, it could be in the 40s here but if it's wet or a little rainy that wetness in the air makes it feel really cold ," said Carter.