Are we becoming numb to rising gas prices?

(WTVG) - According to a AAA report, Americans are changing their ideas about what they consider too expensive when filling up at the pump. AAA’s 2019 Gas Price Survey found that 50 percent of consumers think paying $3/gallon is too high – an increase of 30-cents from last year when half of consumers reported $2.70 as too expensive and up 50 cents from 2016.

This altered perception could have something to do with the fact that the national average has trended to within pennies of that $3 mark the past two Spring seasons.

Despite the overall acceptance of higher gas prices, though, many Americans still report that they will make changes to their lifestyles in order to keep costs down. These changes include combining errands into a single trip, driving less frequently, eating out less, and delaying major purchases.

Meanwhile, the organization says Summer 2019 has been forecasted to reach some of the highest levels of gas demand on record in the U.S. and while supply of the product remains low, prices could increase modestly. It's not all bad news, though. Continued inclement weather, like that we've seen here in Ohio over the last month or so, along with an added threat from hurricanes could lower demand, which could suppress prices.