Area drivers getting frustrated with Airport Highway resurfacing project

HOLLAND, Ohio (13abc Action News) - If you've traveled along Airport Highway lately, chances are you've noticed it.

Since August 14, crews with the Ohio Department of Transportation have been working to resurface the busy road from Holloway to the I-475 overpass.

"One lane, three lanes going down to one or two. It's, it's a mess," one driver told 13abc.

Lane restrictions, orange barrels and bumper-to-bumper traffic are a common sight along the construction route and beyond.

Drivers who frequently travel through the area say they're getting fed up with it all.

"Cars are stopping all of a sudden to go over the bumps and it's just creating a lot of backup—more difficult to get a lot of places," said driver Megan Hall.

She says the construction turned a routine trip to Spring Meadows Shopping Center into a headache.

"I had my dog today and we were trying to get to spring meadows and it was backed up and the dog's going crazy, so just trying to get where I need to be," said Hall.

ODOT leaders say the work is a continuation of a resurfacing project that started last year where Airport meets the Ohio Turnpike.

In a statement sent to 13abc regarding this project, ODOT leaders say, "We're trying to maintain two lanes of traffic, even if the lane is milled and it's bumpy to drive on. However, there are portions of the project when we have to unfortunately take traffic down to one lane."

While the work is trying the patience of many, some drivers admit it's a necessary evil.

"It's that time of season. Roads need to be fixed," said another driver. "You just have to deal with it no matter how frustrating it is."