Art comes alive with "Momentum" at Promenade Park

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The arts have long been a cornerstone of Toledo's identity, and the riverfront is about to get a lot more interactive with "Momentum", now in its third year.

Organizer Crystal Phelps says "teeing people come down and just have curiosity and playfulness in these public spaces is really inspiring."

Whimsy is a primary focus here, from light-up pathways responding to the way you walk or jump, to inflatable creatures commandeering the One Seagate Courtyard Pond.

"POOF!" involves feeding a "monster" of sorts, watching the food travel through a series of tubes, reaching the heart at the center of the complex and dropping right on one's head. Simple, but effective -- and exactly the kind of installation that Momentum looks for.

Matthew Hoffman's "You Are Beautiful" project is also featured. The Ohio-born artist has sold over 5 million stickers since 2002, with the phrase translated in over 100 languages.

As the artist describes it: "You kind of have advertising playing on your insecurities -- "buy our product so you can feel better about yourself". I just wanted to make a simple message that says there's nothing you need to do, no one you need to be... just be yourself, and that's enough."

It's not just about the installations this weekend. Live music, digital animation, and lots of food trucks lining Summit Street will round out the festivities -- not to mention the Toledo Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, showcasing local invention and innovation.

Phelps says Momentum #4 is already in the works for 2020, stating that "we're not ready to talk about it quite yet, but [you can] expect an expansion more into the city."

The "Momentum" festival runs through Saturday, Sept. 21st. For a complete list of art and attractions, visit