Assisted living facility approved for Sylvania Township

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 5:29 PM EST
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Despite their best efforts to fight it, some people living in Sylvania Township are one step closer to having an assisted living facility built on Whiteford road.

That plan was approved by the Lucas County Planning Commission Wednesday morning but opponents don't plan to give up yet.

People opposed to the plan packed the planning commission meeting hoping their words and their work would stop the project.

Months of opposition work culminated this week with some artwork and signage to hammer home the point, then Wednesday morning the meeting at the planning commission to try and stop a 10 acre assisted living complex on Whiteford road south of Summerfield road. It would house things like memory care, assisted living and independent living.

"The traffic gets pretty bad. It gets backed up. There are quite a few accidents and we just don't want any extra construction or traffic there," said Tammy McInerney, Sylvania Township resident.

Traffic was one major concern for people living nearby, worried that people trying to avoid Whiteford road will head into the nearby neighborhoods.

“We have addressed everything they have raised issues on and our intent is to be a good corporate neighbor,” said Duane Ankney of Gulfstream Development.

Project developers say a traffic engineer studied the project and from that study new turn lanes will be added. They also said this property will likely be developed some day and an assisted living facility would impact traffic the least.

"The traffic generated by this is no more and might even be less than if we were to go in there and do a single family development because of the nature of the use of this parcel. These people do not drive," said Ankney.

"We don't want this. There are other places I think it could go. I'm not against facilities for older people at all. I just think there's a better location for this than right there in a residential area," said McInerney.

The final step in all this is a Sylvania Township zoning hearing. That's happening in early February. It's the final sign-off needed on this proposal.