Fellow Michigan Democrat says Conyers must quit

(Photo Source: MGN)

DETROIT (AP) A fellow Democratic congressman from Michigan has joined the list of lawmakers calling on Rep. John Conyers to resign amid sexual harassment claims.

Multiple women who've worked for Conyers have recently said they were subjected to harassment. Conyers has denied any wrongdoing.

Rep. Dan Kildee told CNN on Thursday that nobody "should tolerate that kind of harassment."

Kildee says it was a difficult decision to call on Conyers to resign. He says no one "likes to believe the person they've worked with and that they respect can abuse their power and harass women like this."

Kildee says his pain extends to the victims "who have to come forward and tell these really difficult stories."

The top Democrat in the House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan also urged Conyers to resign earlier Thursday.

Conyers' attorney has strongly dismissed the resignation calls.