BGSU graduate visits campus, meets best friend, for first time

Published: May. 4, 2018 at 11:49 PM EDT
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Of the 454 BGSU master's candidates, at least one has never been to campus before. And get this: she's about to meet her best friend for the first time.

"We came this far. We're going to do this. We're going to do this. And I had to see her," Diane Dunn told us.

Dunn lives in Akron. She's never seen the Stroh or posed for pics at the Falcon - before now. She's part of B.G.'s eCampus.

"I consider her my best friend even though we haven't met in person. She says hopefully you'll like me… and I'm sure I'm going to like her," best friend and fellow Master's candidate Theresa Boggs said.

Theresa Boggs has been working towards her master's since 2009, while working on campus. She's earned her Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's since then.

"What if she doesn't like me? But she knows me," Dunn said.

The two teamed up in grad school, using Skype and text, even phone calls to bond from opposite sides of Ohio.

"I don't think more than a day would go by when we didn't talk to each other."

But then Diane got stuck in traffic... just feet away from the meeting.

"So you have a silver car?" a worried Boggs asked.

Minutes later, after Diane Dunn hopped out of traffic along the Wooster Street curb.

"Oh my God! So good to see you!"

"I would Never have made it without her," Dunn said.

"No I would never have made it without her," Boggs agreed.

After wiping away the tears it was time to primp like, well, old friends.

Then they had their big moment, together, at last.

"I don't have to be nervous now. We're not writing a paper," Dunn said.

Neither Theresa nor Diane knows what she wants to do next but both are glad they have jobs. They're also glad the decades long journey is over!