One arrested after BGSU student seriously injured in hit-and-run


Bowling Green police have officially made an arrest in the case. According to a statement from the departments, Elijah Moses, 20, of Bowling Green, was charged with Failure to Stop After an Accident. Additional charges are pending.

*UPDATE on 9/12*

BG police confirm they have a suspect. No one has been charged at this time.

The department released scene photos and dash cam video to 13abc as the investigation continues.

The dash cam video shows BG police rolling up on scene to Taylor Martinek lying in the road and her friend Shawn Ragland by her side in distress just after they were hit by a driver who fled.

The video also shows Toledo nurse Jessica Collings and her boyfriend on scene.

"She had the head lac right behind her ear. I was just very worried. I was scared for her because it was a big thing, especially since nothing like a hit-and-run happens around here," said Collings.

Before officers arrived, Collings was there trying to help Taylor and her boyfriend appears to comfort Shawn.

"That third instinct just kicked in," said Collings.

They live on Napolean, right by where the incident happened. Collings and her boyfriend had just walked home from a night out. Shortly after they got inside, they heard a thud.

"He was like you need to get out here! Someone's on the ground, someone's screaming. You need to get out there!" said Collings.

She was worried for Taylor's life and remained on scene until she was taken to the hospital.

"Since he [Shawn] was shaking her, I told just tried to, I told her to lay her flat. Keep her still and like I said just made sure she still had a pulse and made sure she was still breathing and made sure she still had that clear airway," said Collings.

After paramedics take Taylor away in an ambulance, the dash cam video shows officers use flashlights to check out the scene and interview Shawn.

Then the understandably emotional friend got a ride home from police.

You can hear an officer ask Shawn during the ride home, "Are you 100 percent sure that the vehicle was white?" Shawn replied, "I am 1,000 percent sure that it was white."

No word at this time on where that white car may be. The Martinek family told 13abc that detectives have asked them to not speak with media any further until the investigation wraps up. Stick with 13abc as this story continues to develop. Police say more information should be released Friday, September 13.


A 19-year-old BGSU student is up and walking again after spending days in the ICU. As she walked home early Friday morning, she was struck by a car driven by someone who fled the scene.

Taylor Martinek feels lucky to be alive. The college student has been staying back home with her parents in Sylvania while she recovers. Her family is begging for help to find the person who hurt her.

It's a scary way to wake up.

"It was a nightmare to say the least," said Ray Martinek, Taylor's father.

Police knocking at your door in the middle of the night, telling you that your daughter was hit by a car with a driver who drove away.

"I just lost it. It was the worst scenario I think a parent could have to go through," said Amy Martinek, Taylor's mother.

For Ray and Amy Martinek's daughter, Taylor, she too woke up afraid and in the ICU.

"It was very scary to wake up not knowing what happened... and hopefully someone could come up, come to justice with what they did," said Taylor Martinek.

Around 3 AM Friday Taylor and her friend, Shawn Ragland, were coming home after a night out celebrating Shawn's birthday.
The friends told me they took an Uber - who dropped them off at the wrong address. It wasn't too far from the Edge Apartments on Napolean Road in BG where Taylor lives, so they decided to walk back in the grass.

"Next thing I know a car hit us and we went flying in two different directions and then as soon as I realized what happened I ran over to Taylor to make sure she was OK and she was unconscious and unresponsive and I called 911," said Ragland.

Shawn's injuries were minor, but Taylor suffered a brain bleed and got about a dozen staples in her head. Now, she's beaten and bruised - but in good spirits.

"I'm healing every day, getting better everyday," said Taylor.

Bowling Green police are investigating. At this point, the only vehicle description they have is a "nice" white car that they believe was speeding: 50 MPH in a 35 zone.

"They didn't stop as soon as they hit us. I just saw they kept going and all I could make out was a white car because they kept driving away," said Ragland.

Taylor's parents want answers.

"Taylor kept saying to me in the hospital, 'how could somebody do this to me, Mom?' I mean she's laying in the middle of the road and they just drive off...We don't want this to happen to anyone else and who knows if this person could do it again, no conscience at all," said Taylor's mother.

Her father has been investigating himself. Taylor's friends found her phone the next day just over a quarter mile away from where she was struck.

"You do see tires marks where they found the phone, so something to me just doesn't seem to be adding up," said Taylor's father.

A BG officer told 13abc that they have no suspects or leads right now. Taylor's parents are offering a $5,000 reward for the identity of the driver. They're asking people to call BG police.

But, they feel like it's a miracle Taylor is doing so well after everything and the hope is for her to return to class on Monday.