Baby Jane finds birth mother through Facebook

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BOWLING GREEN (WTVG) -- Most days, you'll find Jamie Smith working at Pagliai's Pizza on South Main St. in Bowling Green.

For years, Jamie has been trying to find someone else: her biological mother.

Recently, Jamie launched an online search using a profile picture from a news story that aired on WTVG in 1991. The report explained how a baby was left in the backseat of car in Fostoria.

That abandoned baby, with an unknown name, came to be known as Baby Jane.

The baby was Jamie, who is finally getting answers she has waited for her entire life.

"She said she was scrolling on Facebook one day and one of her friends shared my post," explains Jamie. "She says she saw it and she froze. She said I knew it was you."

Jamie explains she was on a family vacation in Michigan when her biological mother contacted her. She proved her identity through a DNA test and a match at a website called "23 and Me."

"And I kind of, like, got riled up for a second and I started to cry a little bit. My dad came down and my mom came down and I got to tell them. And it was, it was her," says Jamie.

Jamie still has the shirt and blanket found with her 26 years ago.

Now, she has answers.

Turns out, Jamie says, her birthday is March 22nd - not the 21st. And she has two half-sisters.

But Jamie also has understanding.

Her biological mother says she was a scared, desperate teenager who was alone when she had Jamie and felt she could not take proper care of a baby.

Jamie's adopted parents gave her a supportive upbringing. She has plenty of support from friends and co-workers, and now has closure to a mystery she's carried her entire life.