Baby bear cubs get new digs at Indian Creek Zoo

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LAMBERTVILLE (WTVG) - There's a brand new baby bear exhibit at Indian Creek Zoo in Lambertville.It was custom-built for the two cubs who live there.
The cubs are named Sweet Pea and Jiggs.

The cubs are not related, but they were both born in January. They've been at the zoo since April. There are a number of enrichment activities inside the new enclosure including logs, climbing trees, and platforms.

Even though it's brand new, Jiggs and Sweet Pea won't be in it for long. This winter, the staff will start building a new natural space for them. It will be a large area with water, trees and a 10-foot fence.
There will also be an overhang, so the bears cannot get out.

The cubs are just one of the attractions at the zoo. What started with a few camels has grown into an amazing collection of creatures.
There are more than 300 animals on the 41-acre zoo right now.
Attendance has grown from 10,00 people four years ago to about 100,000 this year.

The zoo is open from now until the the end of December. It's on Consear Road, just over the Michigan line in Lambertville.

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