"Baby, it's cold outside," gets cold shoulder from one radio station

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - You've heard the lyrics.

"I really can't stay.
Baby, it's cold outside."

A man and woman are flirting but she's a 1940s woman who knows good girls don't stay over.

"The neighbors might think.
Baby, it's bad out there.
Say, what's in this drink?
No cabs to be had out there."

It's that drink line, and the general tone of a woman appearing to say no but a man pushing his case, that angered some listeners in Cleveland.

A radio station there heard the complaints and banned the song.

Here in Toledo...

101.5 The River owns Christmas on the radio, playing more than 300 songs.

"I ought to say no, no, no.
Mind if I move closer?"

This song is one of them but the program director says no one's complained, so the song plays.

Scott Miller worries how far listener objections could go, saying, "If we decide we have to ban this song, what's next?"

On our Facebook page, we've received nearly 800 comments about the banned song.

One woman wrote: "Listen to the lyrics- every word-. and then ask yourself how you would respond if the female involved were your daughter!

Another wrote, "How do people who lack the ability to change a radio station get through life?"

And there was this: "Shall we ban all the rap stations and half of pop music then?"

"At least I'm gonna say that I tried.
What's the sense of hurting my pride?"

A standard from the 1940s that some say doesn't meet our standards 70 years later.

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