Border closings? Not for hospitals, but maybe for golf courses

Published: Apr. 9, 2020 at 3:40 PM EDT
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From golf courses to hospitals, the question continues to be raised about restricting area resources in Ohio to make sure it's residents are served and protected.

The question is a lot harder when it comes to medical resources.

As Detroit cases of COVID-19 continue to surge, northwest Ohio hospitals with space have been taking overflow patients.

COVID-19 Response Team member Dr. Paul Rega said state borders don't discriminate with this virus.

We have to construct a system that if worse comes to worse, we can accommodate them," Rega said.

But Rega said the community is working on a better system.

"We would have to find ways to manage their situation and at the same time protect our own population," he said.

It's a situation that's on all community leaders' radar. Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz is working with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on something less drastic than border checks.

"In talking to the governor, that more extreme kind of enforcement, it does not appear to be viable, it's not just a live consideration for him right now," Kapszukiewicz said.

However, it is within the Governor's consideration to shut down Ohio golf courses to people from Michigan, and that is something the Mayor will be talking to DeWine about.

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