UPDATE: Walnut Saloon now for sale

FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - A Findlay bar owner is under fire Tuesday after a video that allegedly shows him fighting with, then attacking an employee.

In the video (posted above), a man identified as Dale Suter, the owner of The Walnut Saloon in Findlay, can be seen arguing with a bartender. The profanity laced argument continues to escalate until the owner walks behind the bar and up to the bartender. Eventually the two come to blows and the owner is seen placing his hands on the victim's neck and slamming her into the bar.

According to Findlay Police, Suter was arrested on Thursday and charged with assault in connection with the incident. He was last in court April 23 for a pre-trial hearing.

Speaking to 13abc, Suter says the video tells only part of the story. He also claims that as a result of the video being posted online he has received numerous threatening messages. While our crew was speaking to him at the bar, police arrived to investigate those threats.

As of press time, the video had been viewed over 46,000 times and been shared more than 2,700. Comments on the video express concern for the bartender and anger over the owner's actions.

We have reached out to the victim for a statement and are waiting to hear back. There is no word yet on any injuries she may have suffered as a result. We have also reached out to Findlay Police.

As of April 29, the Walnut Saloon is up for sale. The listing says the bar is being sold, fully equipped, for $250,000.