Touring Toledo - Upside down

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - We’re about to hop in the cockpit of the 350 horsepower German built plane. The Millenium Force may give you 4.5 G’s but it’s got nothing on this plane.

"I’m going to pull about 8 g’s positive," pilot Jacquie B tells us.

It’s time to load up in Jacquie B’s vintage Extra-300 and take to the skies.

“It’s designed for aerobatics," she said. "It’s designed to go upside down, straight level, right side, tail over nose, nose over tail.”

"My mom is going to be very happy her only child is alive," I tell Jacquie as we taxi off of the runway.

" I’m thinking only of diving to the ground, and missing the ground and diving at the ground," Jacquie says. There's no time for fear or to see the cheering fans.

We hit 3,000 feet in a hurry, turning barrel rolls over Monclova after going weightless for several seconds.

Though we hit 4 g’s before going ‘over the top,’ Jacquie told me I only got a taste.

She learned the stick late in life, but you’ll never notice that during the weekend’s ten minute performance over the tarmac. Now normal flying just won’t cut it.

"When you are flying an airplane straight and level, there is nothing to do if you’re not on fire, between take-off and landing."

Jacquie says it’s not until she’s back on solid ground, signing hundreds of autographs, that many of the fans will realize that she’s only one of three aerobatic female pilots.

“In this business, it’s all about the flying. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy.”

Encouraging young girls is her main goal. Jacquie say flying is actually her second job, after helping fellow women.

"Any woman that wants to be a commercial pilot can be," Jacquie B said. "There are no road-blocks, none whatsoever. Not one. There isn’t an airline in the world that isn’t going to hire a qualified female."

Even when we were upside down, strapped into a parachute, there’s no reason to be afraid with Jacquie Baby.

"My job is to mitigate as much risk, entertain as much as I can, within all these parameters. So to say I’m focused is an understatement."