Basic Ohio Voter information


Toledo, OHIO (WTVG) - It is election day and if you are heading to the polls, here is what you need to know before you go.

Every election voters have questions about voting laws and rights.

Here are some highlights and FAQs:

Can I campaign inside of a polling location?

Two small United States flags must be placed 100 feet from the entrance to each polling location on the thoroughfares or walkways leading to the polling location. No one, other than
an election official, observer, police officer, or an elector waiting to mark,
marking, or casting his/her ballot, may loiter or congregate within this
“neutral zone” or within 10 feet of any elector waiting in line to vote if the
line of voters extends beyond the flags.92 Ohio law prohibits anyone from soliciting or attempting to influence any elector’s vote at a polling location and from preventing or delaying an elector from entering or leaving a polling location.

If I still have an absentee ballot, what do I do?

Fill it out TODAY and turn it in to your local board of election by the time the polls close on Election day (7:30pm.) YOU CANNOT TURN IN AN ABSENTEE BALLOT AT A POLLING LOCATION.

What forms of ID are accepted to vote?

-Driver's license, State or federal ID card, Military ID
-Utility Bill
-Bank Statement
-Government Check
-Government Document

All items need to have your full name and address.

What if I forget my ID or a poll worker tells me I cannot vote?

Request a provisional ballot.

What is a provisional ballot?

Provisional voting allows a voter whose identity and/
or eligibility is in question to cast a ballot that is counted after the voter’s
eligibility is verified. Provisional voting ensures that no eligible elector is denied the opportunity to cast a ballot in an election.

Who can cast a provisional ballot?

Your name is not in poll book or on the supplemental voter list

You do not have proper or valid ID

You changed your name or address and did not update it with the BOE within the 30 day deadline before the election.

You can read the entire Election Official Manual for Ohio by clicking the attached link.

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