Bright side look at record breaking bitter cold

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - When temperatures are in the negatives, it is easy to be negative about this cold weather. But, what about possible benefits to the frigid air?

13abc looked for a bright side. We're not going to lie - it's hard to find anything positive about the arctic blast. But, we did learn it could help you sleep better and you may even be safer.

Record breaking bitter cold. Temperatures well below zero. Wind chill reports in the negative 40 range. Surprisingly - could indirectly benefit your sleep.

"In these days here of frigid temperature most of us are going to go home and stay put...if we stay put, we got a good stretch of time between coming home from work and our bedtime which is a good time to relax, take it easy, not do a whole lot," said Dr. Michael Neeb.

Sleep specialist Dr. Michael Neeb says the more time you spend resting before your head hits the pillow, guarantees you'll fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Sleeping in cooler temperatures is always a good idea.

"Now, it doesn't have to be ten below zero to make this happen. It can happen when it's 30 degrees, 50 degrees, 60 degrees outside," said Dr. Neeb.

This arctic blast could even mean you're safer if you do brave the cold, since fewer people are out and about, including criminals.

Sgt. Juan Martinez has been a deputy at the Lucas County Sheriff's Office for nearly two decades. In his experiences, cold snaps don't decrease crime, but the focus shifts from violent acts to safety checks and family disputes.

"We still take the calls for domestics, assault, menacing...keep the peace. But, now we also incorporate checking the safety of people stranded, motor vehicles and animals as well," said Sgt. Martinez.

The Toledo Police Patrolman's Association wrote on Facebook: "Before you do anything stupid these next two days, just remember that the judge won't be in until Friday."

The Fostoria Police Department shared a meme that reads: "We really...need you to not commit any crimes while it's negative 10 degrees out."

13abc meteorologists predict it will warm up soon, but for now as we all just try to get through this freezing weather...all of the routine safety reminders ring true: stay inside as much as you can.