Dating sites have quickly become the biggest scam risk on the internet

TOLEDO Online dating scams cost the most money per person in the world.

Officials with the Henry County Sheriff's Office are warning the community of a scam that is going around. (MGN Image)

The FBI and Better Business Bureau are sending out warnings.

According to a report issued by the Better Business Bureau, Romance scam victims are predominantly female by 75% and over the age of 50.

One expert estimates that at any one time, there may be 25,000 fraudsters online with victims. The BBB report goes onto say that one company that screens profiles for dating companies says that 500,000 of the 3.5 million profiles it scans every month are bogus. And victims in the US and Canada have reported losing nearly $1 billion dollars over the last three years.

The biggest and most obvious red flag is if the person in any way at all asks for money. BBB experts say you need to shut it down immediately. Never, ever send money who solicits it from an online dating site

To file a complaint with the FBI