Birding Week wrapping up successful year

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Not the greatest weather conditions outside this weekend, but that doesn’t stop thousands from heading to the southern shores of Lake Erie. As the Biggest Week in American Birding wraps up on Sunday.

This year’s turnout has been spectacular. The Black Swamp Bird Observatory says perhaps the best and biggest, in amount of birds, people and mostly great weather. Some even traveling further than the birds! Locals from northwest Ohio say they’re glad the world comes here.

Jane Morehart, birding from Findlay said “I love to see, like that one right there, we bird from Michigan, that’s cool. Illinois, from Tennessee, from all over. We have seen some from Maine. One of the guys was from Ecuador. It was great, I never meet anyone from Ecuador. It was fun to talk with him. He seemed excited to be here"

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory says membership is growing. Which is terrific news for the non-profit organization. Allowing them to bring more resources and expand for next year’s 10th anniversary. Once the large crowds simmer down. Locals can still enjoy bird migrations through the first week on June. Some Warblers even stay throughout the summer!