Bowsher students get eye opening look into distracted, drunk driving through mock accident

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - It’s a call that no one ever wants to get. Their loved one’s been involved in an accident due to distracted or drunk driving.

But at Bowsher High School, leaders are working to end those incidents.

It’s Homecoming week, and ahead of this weekend’s football game and dance, leaders want students to see first-hand the consequences of distracted and drunk driving through a mock accident.

"It’s really real," said Isaiah Williams. The Junior volunteered to be a crash victim in the demonstration. "This happens to actual people, you know? And it really touched me because this actually could have been us," Williams continued.

Students learning real lessons after seeing fellow classmates involved in the fake accident.

"Seeing somebody that you actually knew—you know—dead. It just really hits you and wow," said senior Nick Perry. "Like, somebody you love or yourself could actually die.”

The car from Tuesday’s demonstration now sits at the school as a reminder to students to be safe behind the wheel. And it’s a scene like Tuesday's that leaders say they hope they never have to deal with in reality.

"About every 16 minutes, a teen will die from distracted driving," said Principal Teri Sherwood.

She hopes that statistic doesn’t impact her students after Tuesday's demonstration.

"I don't want to lose any of my kids here, but the statistics say that's quite possible," Sherwood said. "So I want all my kids to be safe. I want them to make it through graduation. I want them to have fun this week at homecoming--homecoming dance saturday night.”

It’s an eye opening experience showing how one mistake can change a life forever.