Bracing for potential basement flooding

OREGON, Ohio (WTVG) - Irene Soltesz lives in Oregon. Over the years, she's dealt with flooding in her basement. "This is the lowest part of my basement," she says as she shows 13abc around the area surrounding her sump crock.

"It will go up to here,” Soltesz says as she walks and points toward her basement steps, roughly 15 feet away. “And I've had it pool, and it has gotten to about this deep,” as she points down around her ankle.

So, Soltesz has gotten a stronger sump pump and has done some prep work to make it easier to get ready for when water might seep in.

"I've got some things up on blocks. The furnace, I've got the water heater, and the dryer," she says.

Soltesz has a list of things to check before it starts raining, and that list begins right where the water comes in.

"We found these cute little sensors that go off when there's water,” she says as she holds one of two sensors that sit next to her sump crock. “I'll test it to make sure it'll go off, and I just changed the batteries."

Making sure the power stays on is a crucial part of keeping the basement dry. So, the next thing to check, Soltesz says, "Making sure that the generator is okay. So if we lose electricity, I'm okay."

So she heads outside to look at the generator. With the green light on, everything looks good. Now to make sure that all that rainwater can easily drain away.

Soltesz explains, "We kind of dug a little ditch here just to kind of help drain some of the field. And then, we try to make sure the catch basin is clear so everything's draining." She walks around to make sure leaves and mud are cleared away from the drain near the corner of her front yard.

All of this prep work is exactly what the City of Toledo advises residents to do ahead of the torrential rain expected this weekend. In a post to Facebook, the City says, in part:

“We encourage residents to start flood cleanup while you wait for city crews to respond. Pump out, dry out is the initial concern. ”

The City also advises that if you have items damaged because of flooding, you should contact Republic Services at 419-936-2511 to request bulk item pick-up.

See below for the full post from the City of Toledo: