Brewery debuts green 'Ale'gae for algae education

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Good beer starts with good, clean water. After all, water is what makes up 95% of what ends up in your tap. Now Maumee Bay is putting stuff into their beer to show us what they want to keep out!

“So it kind of looks like algae, certainly doesn't taste like it,” brewery manager Craig Kerr said.

Matcha powder and fresh kiwi bring the color.

“We made a sour double IPA beer, which is green in color,” Kerr added.

The downtown Toledo brewery teamed up with the Ohio Environmental Council and the home brewing Glass City Mashers to create this one-off 'alegae.'

“Get a little into the specifics about how water affects the flavor of our beer. And the Ohio Environmental Council will talk a little bit about the specifics of the lake and the runoff,” Kerr said.

Turns out, brewmasters don't need many tweaks to Toledo tap water to create the perfect pint.

“Toledo water is pretty good for us. That’s why there were so many breweries at one point in time, 100 years ago,” Kerr said. “It was the largest industry in town.”

Since the algae isn't going away, Thursday’s goal is to get a new crowd interested in fixing a decades-old problem... and maybe think green.

”Brewing industry as a whole is pretty sustainable,” Kerr said.

If you want to raise your glass, you're going to have to wait. This Thursday 6:00-9:00 p.m., downstairs in the Mutz Taproom. Be forewarned: they will run out of the supply!