Bricks falling from Adrian building

Published: Aug. 19, 2016 at 7:57 AM EDT
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Peeling paint a missing bricks are signs the outside of a building in Adrian is coming apart.

Witnesses say the back wall of an old jewelry store at 116 South Main Street started shaking loose during the prep work for a new rear parking lot.

Steve Rosales, who owns the nearby Grasshopper Lounge, calls it "a mess."

"They started to compact the rock and stuff, and you could just watch the brick pop right off," adds Rosales.

Workers with the City of Adrian say they told their superiors, who sent out an inspector.

The now vacant building is blocked by a temporary fence, creating a buffer zone.

Bryan Rawlins, who lives nearby, says he was concerned about a collapse even before the city put up the fence.

"Before they closed off the street, we would not walk on that side of the street just because I was afraid of, you know, either bricks falling or the whole side of the building coming down," explains Rawlins.

This week, city commissioners signed off on emergency funding of more than $50,000, which will go to a contractor to reinforce the structure.

Adrian's city attorney tells 13abc the plan is to recoup those taxpayer dollars from the building's owner.