Browns backers react to Myles Garrett fight against the Steelers

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 3:33 PM EST
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Fans of the Browns are still reeling from the fight. On the heels of what should have been a celebration of a major victory for Browns fans, all eyes are on their team for a different reason.

Eulalio Matavelasco was at the game in Cleveland Thursday night and says "The immediate reaction is that everyone was getting pumped up. We really didn't know because we were sitting so far back" But Matavelasco says "After seeing the highlights, everybody was kind of like, got a little out of hand."

Lauren Kostelnik runs the Browns Backers at her bar the Campus Quarters in Bowling Green. "You're shaking your head, disappointed because you know that that's going to be the focus of the game," says Kostelnik. One the crowd of Browns fans gathered at the bar saw what happened, "They just started shaking their heads, how do you react to something lik that when you see this great game and all of a sudden, there's this unbelievably inappropriate choice."

Jessica Kostelnik is also a Browns Backer and says "If there's anything true about Browns Fan, it's that they're relentlessly optimistic"