Brushing up on bicyclist safety basics is just like riding a bike

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - As you dust off your bike from the long winter it spent in the garage, there are a few things you need to do to keep safe while riding.

"That's probably the most important thing - you don't want to have your tire go flat when you're out in the middle of traffic," said Jim Izbinski. He's the service manager at Reggie's Bike Shop.

Experts like Jim Izbinksi say your bike needs an annual tune up. The tires, brakes and chains all need a look over. That's something you can get at places like Reggie's Bike Shop off Secor in Toledo.

Besides making sure the bike is ready to go, riders should follow other safety tips.

"We'd like everybody to be riding with helmets. As a former firefighter and medic, we'd pick up bicycle accidents and much more of the people with the helmets on, they have less head injury," said Mark Hopkins. He's a salesperson and mechanic at Reggie's Bike Shop.

Also, don't forget to wear reflective clothing and ride with lights on.

"80% of cycling accidents happen during the day, so even during the day you should have lights on your bike," said Izbinksi.

In Ohio, drivers must allow at least three feet between the vehicle and the bicyclist when passing. Using hand signals before turning is also required.

"You are allowed one lane of traffic to move over. If you need to make a left you go from the right to the left, but you need to let the motorists know that you're signaling to let them know. That's the law, we all share the road," said Hopkins.

"Most of all just kind of pay attention, because people haven't been riding, so now the traffic has to get used to you riding your bike again," said Izbinski.

Brushing up on these basics should be just like riding a bike.