Bryan City Schools holds social distancing parade

Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 1:44 PM EDT
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At a time when people are staying at home, there may be a first in this city's history Sunday afternoon with a nearly nine mile long noisy traffic jam snaking its way through town.

"They gotta say hi to everybody," one teacher yells to her child inside her van as she prepares her vehicle to roll off for the parade.

That is exactly what many Bryan City Schools teachers do Sunday afternoon because teachers want their students to see their faces - and the same for the students - in person.

"This is something that came about yesterday afternoon," Bryan City Schools Elementary art teacher Jen Grant said. "All the students that were out sitting there with their families, having their signs already made just so exciting."

The Smith family lives along the first mile of Sunday's route and their first grader Harper put some time into this huge sign.

"Probably like twenty minutes," Harper Smith said.

The Smiths have three children in the school system and two are outside Sunday waving to the parade of teachers.

"I love that they put this together for the kids and the families," Shelly Smith said. "Everybody is just stuck inside and its nice to have something to do."

With the latest stay at home order from the State of Ohio, this may be the last bit of noise you hear in Bryan for awhile.

But when the kids eventually do return to school, retired Bryan City Schools custodian Jim Tucker plans to be there waving to everyone from his yard, just like he does before and after school.

"You can either be happy everyday or you can be grumpy everyday its our choice, its our choice everyday when we get out of bed," Tucker said. "But I like the big term I use on people all the time. People need to be happy, bubbly and joyful."

A reason to keep your eyes on what is down the road for all of us.