Businesses shift gears to try and help with COVID-19 items

SYLVANIA TWP., Ohio (WTVG) - Businesses across the area are shifting gears to help wherever they can during this pandemic. Some are coming up with products that could soon become common place for hospital workers and first responders.

A lot has changed in our community and in our world in the last month. That's no exception at the Mold Shop, off Central Avenue, which is seeing more demand and could be soon showing people a new product.

The machines are humming at the Mold Shop. At a safe distance and after doing proper health checks, this team is seeing a huge demand for the janitorial product molds they supply to companies.

"They can't make enough parts right now. They're calling us up, wanting to double the volume, double the tooling,” said Blaine Wagner, the owner of the Mold Shop.

Wagner said janitorial is normally the major product here. Other injection molds they make include some electrical and medical supplies. Things may change a bit as hospitals across the country look for medical supplies to keep health professionals safe from the spread of COVID-19.

"Yeah, I think everyone needs to start pulling together and do what they can try to do,” said Wagner.

Wagner and his team are finishing the design stage for a plastic shield that medical professionals can wear. His team and these products could create a mold to make a huge quantity.

"I think there's a need for it right now, so I thought it was something we could do,” said Wagner.

There's no end user for them yet and this facility doesn't typically market its products, but much has changed in 2020. People now do things different and help where they can.

With all the janitorial mold needs, things like soap dispensers, they're even looking to hire people.

As for the masks, the hope to get into their design portion of the mold next week. Then they'll look through the channels of production to see the best ways to get them to where they need to be.