Businesses start to feel the sting of downtown utility work in BG

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - Kimbrough Polinsky is the general manager of Aardvark Screen Printing and Embroidery on Main Street in Bowling Green. Major road construction is happening right outside her door.

"My walk-in business is down at least 20 percent since they've been doing all this," Polinsky said.

Workers have the 100 and 200 block of Main Street closed at Wooster Street. So what exactly are they doing?

Crews have been installing water service lines along with a gravity sewer system throughout downtown. They've been closing Main Street block-by-block for the past few months. This is all in preparation for a full re-pavement of the downtown area.

"With improving the underground utilities now before the paving, we shouldn't have to do that again," Assistant Municipal Administrator Joe Fawcett said. "The last thing I think anyone wants is to repave a road, and then six months later have to dig it up and repair a sewer line or a water line."

The utility portion of the project is expected to go into July, and paving should start shortly after.

"We'll basically have a brand new refurbished downtown area with improved sidewalks, the bricks will be in the four corners of Main and Wooster and then the driving surface will be brand new, " Fawcett added.

While most businesses we spoke with are just ready for the construction to be over, some remain excited for renewed life in Downtown BG.

"We do have customers that shy away from coming downtown," Polinsky said. "Although I do want to say that in the end this is going to be a really great project, and I think it's going to be wonderful, but it is kind of a struggle while it's all happening."

The paving portion of the project will include sidewalk repairs, ADA ramps and bricks installed at the intersection of Main and Wooster. It will begin with the milling of the current pavement on the southbound side of Main Street from one end of the project to the other.