CDC offers new concussion protocols for children

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DUBLIN, Va. (WDBJ) For the first time, the CDC has issued guidelines for treating children with concussions.

Dr. Michael Simpson, a primary care physician in sports medicine at LewisGale, says the new protocol no longer requires a CAT-Scans or MRI's. Instead, when athletes get a head injury, medical professionals can now rely on the initial SCAT-5 assessments.

"Concussion by definition, there's no injury to the brain that you can see through a CAT scan or an MRI," Simpson explained. "So if you're confident in your diagnosis, by using that SCAT 5, then you don't need to put them through that radiation."

The new concussion protocol also emphasizes "Return to Learn." This means a child is only isolated from certain activities for a few days. Then doctors recommend returning them to their normal activities to rehabilitate them quicker.

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