CSA's supply locally-grown food

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Friday is CSA day, Community Supported Agriculture. With warmer weather, we're already planning where to get our fresh produce. And some local farms are already supplying local businesses.

Phil Riehm with Riehm Produce tells 13abc, “We're packing the best available. We consider the CSA members to be our kings and queens.”

Mike Bagley, Welltower Chef Kitchen Manager agrees. He says, “I know when he says he has fresh lettuce, that means he picked it this morning.”

It's delivery day at Toledo's Welltower.

The Welltower cafeteria has been buying local for nearly three years. These carrots were just pulled out of Riehm's Farms Seneca County soil.

“A lot of the stuff we're picking, to within 24 hours it's on your plate. There's no way you can do that from a grocery store.”

CSAs set up their own prices, but you can get a share of the fifth generation Riehms Farm for 18 bucks a week. They deliver to a dozen local spots, like Dana and Fowl and Fodder. Plus:

“We also drop off at the Toledo University, and Toledo Children's Hospital”

That could be tomatoes, brussel sprouts, this fresh thyme, or root veggies.

“When it's summer time and it' full tilt for them, we're probably getting 90% of our produce locally. And they're a very large chunk of that.”

Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are huge right now. So Riehm’s Farms has designed a locally made recipe card to help you use the kale and the fresh baby beets.

Links to local CSA farms can be found in the side panel of this story.