Cahill closes out her senior year with the Hoosiers

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WTVG) - The collegiate bus rides are slowly ending for Amanda Cahill.

But fans of Indiana Women's Basketball will not forget her effort these last four years as the Hoosiers are fresh off back-to-back 20-plus win season - a first for the program.

"Tyra (Buss) and me just kind of want to be remembered as people that have helped changed the program around," Cahill said. "Winning games and holding it to a higher standard."

As of last week against Penn State, Buss is now IU's new all-time leading scorer.

This dynamic duo of Cahill and Buss equals a strong bond. They are best friends, former roommates of three years and certainly two big reasons for the success of the Hoosiers.

"She's just been an awesome person to play with," Buss said. "She does all the little things. She may not score the most, but she knows she's going to get those rebounds, she's going to get those blocks. She does all the little things as well."

Cahill goes by the nickname "B" to her family and teammates (it is her middle initial). Her given name and the starting lineup go hand-in-hand dating all the way back to game one of her freshman season.

As long as the senior stays healthy, Cahill will leave Bloomington in the top seven on the career scoring list and in the top three when it comes to career rebounds.

But when Teri Moren took over as head coach for Curt Miller four years ago, this success was not the first thing that came to her mind.

"When you first look at B running up the floor, you don't see a terrific athlete by any stretch of the means," Moren said. "But once we started practice and you watched her play, my opinion of B changed.

"There's a lot of really exciting things that are around our program right now. I have to believe the two of those guys - B and Tyra - have a lot to do with that."

Reaching twenty wins for a third straight year might be difficult for Indiana this season because the Hoosiers have eight victories so far with eleven games to go plus the Big Ten Conference Women's Basketball Tournament.

"We've been to the NCAA tournament so we know what it's like to get there," Cahill said. "That's just an ultimate goal that we have every year and we want to get back there this year. So there's always still a chance so we want to keep working hard and continue to help the young players develop and get there."

After graduating this spring with a degree in Education, Cahill would like to continue playing professional hoops either with a domestic club or in an international league.

If the the basketball paycheck does not work, she will still have her kindergarten through sixth grade teaching certification.